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Ecuador to extend coronavirus lockdown


Ecuador to extend coronavirus lockdown

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Photo: Claudia Furlan/AP

Ecuador’s strict quarantine restrictions were scheduled to end today but will be extended due to large increases in recorded COVID-19 cases and deaths.

The country has implemented dramatic restrictions on traffic and pedestrian movement to curb the spread of the virus. Ecuador has already confirmed over 8,000 cases and 400 deaths, and the numbers are rapidly increasing—especially in major cities like Guayaquil—as the government struggles to deal with the pandemic.

Ecuador’s economy, which is dependent on oil prices, will also be hit hard—experts predict a 6% contraction in 2020, one of the worst within Latin America. While the government has offered a small monthly stipend to assist informal workers, rising food prices have rendered this policy inefficient and many workers continue to violate quarantine restrictions to earn enough money for food.

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Since Ecuador, like most Latin American countries, is faced with massive test shortages and a collapsing healthcare system, a strict lockdown and international aid will be necessary to contain the spread of COVID-19. However, a larger handout for workers will also be required to keep them at home. If the crisis worsens, Ecuador will likely have to request more international financial assistance.

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