EU concludes migration trilogue

EU bodies conclude migration trilogue | REUTERS/Yves Herman

The European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council are set to conclude negotiations. There is a growing effort from across the political spectrum to agree a deal before 2024.

Migration is an issue that continues to embroil European parliaments. Italy has finalised a deal for its migrants to be processed in neighbouring Albania. A tough new set of migration policies is being introduced in Germany, and in France’s government recently suffered a major defeat regarding its new immigration bill, after the right did not consider it tough enough.

The Migration and Asylum Pact is hailed by the European Commission as an ‘historic’ agreement. A cornerstone of it is the “safe third country” principle; countries that offer fair and regular treatment of migrants and the right to remain there can be classified as ‘safe’, regardless of their respect for human rights. Critics of the bill argue that it does not address migration effectively, but merely pushes migrants out of EU territory. Proponents will be happy to see arrival numbers drop.

Expect to see widespread push-back on this agreement, the debate to continue and efforts to improve the plight of migrants push on, despite the growth of right wing politics across the continent likely to make progress harder.


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