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European Council to meet over Ukraine EU admission


European Council to meet over Ukraine EU admission

n Council meeting Ukraine

The European Council meets in Brussels today, as negotiations about Ukraine’s admission into the EU are expected to take place.

Topics of discussion will include the Israel-Gaza conflict, the enlargement of the European Union, as well as its long-term budget, though the main focus will continue to be on how to best support Ukraine.

Since receiving official candidate status in the summer of 2022, Ukrainian officials and their allies have continued to make the case for the country’s accession to the EU. Currently, Ukraine has completed four of the seven criteria for admission but still needs to improve its anti-corruption, de-oligarchizing efforts, and the treatment of national minorities. The main obstacle to Ukraine’s admission, however, is posed by the opposition of certain EU members, such as Hungary or Slovakia. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has been particularly vocal about his opposition to Ukraine’s entry into the union, though it is possible that his opposition is not ideological, but rather, a bargaining tool against Brussels.

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Expect the Ukrainian leadership to continue its campaign for EU accession and a relatively supportive response in most of Europe. Despite current opposition from some members, the integration of Ukraine into the EU is likely once the war ends.

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