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European leaders meet in Brussels for final European Council of 2019


European leaders meet in Brussels for final European Council of 2019

european council december 2019
Photo: European Parliament

Members of the European Council will convene today in Brussels to discuss Brexit and the future of EU-UK relations.

The meeting coincides with the British general election, the outcome of which will be critical to whether or not the UK will leave the EU and what the future relationship between London and Brussels will look like.

While incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson was able to secure a Brexit deal with the 27 members of the EU in October, UK lawmakers voted against it. Polls suggest that Boris Johnson and the Conservatives could win back a majority in parliament. If this is the case, expect Johnson and the EU to strike a Brexit deal by January 31.

If no majority is reached, whichever leader can form a coalition will head the government. Given their expected number of representatives, the anti-Brexit Liberal Democrat Party would be a necessary component to ruling a majority . If the Liberal Democrats are involved in the majority coalition, the EU will likely pivot its forecast on Brexit and move towards further negotiation over clear parameters of a deal.

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