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EUROSFAT forum concludes in Romania


EUROSFAT forum concludes in Romania

EUROSFAT 2024 concludes today.

The 12th edition of EUROSFAT, the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy was held for the first time in eastern Europe in Bucharest, Romania. The forum aims to assess and discuss the future of the European Union.

This year’s EUROSFAT brought  speakers from different countries to tackle Euroscepticism.  Through direct democracy,  EUROSFAT and other forums not only seek to promote EU values but also to bring youth into the discussions.

This year EUROSFAT is especially important due to the heavy election calendars. The EU parliamentary election and other European national elections are coming in the following months.

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EUROSFAT will likely discuss technology and its influence on mass media and approaches to building cohesive policies between EU members. The forum looks to work around the EU Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation to bring accountability and transparency in the face of new and more advanced disinformation tools such as fake websites and manipulated audio. The results of these elections, along with the quality of European democracies will influence overall European discourse on matters of security, aid, and human rights, which has already seen a rise of nationalist parties that undermine the role of multilateralism on these topics. As such, expect the EU to keep a close eye on eastern Europe elections to avoid further authoritative regimes and threats to regional security.

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