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Extended deadline for Argentinian debt restructuring deal arrives


Extended deadline for Argentinian debt restructuring deal arrives

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Argentina faces a new deadline today to secure a restructuring agreement on its foreign debt, as tensions escalate between government officials and international creditors.

After months of negotiations and several deadline extensions, the Argentine government released a final restructuring proposal for its $65 billion debt in early July. Since then, the negotiations have stalled over an impasse between creditors’ demands and the constraints of Argentina’s present economic situation.

A final debt agreement is key for recession-hit Argentina to avoid a protracted legal standoff with bondholders. The delay has already had significant consequences for the country’s long-term finances as well as government plans to boost tax revenue and curb the fiscal deficit. This has exacerbated poor growth prospects and shaken investor confidence, which will play a key role in the eventual national recovery.

With a growing group of creditors rallying behind a counter proposal and associated legal action, Argentina’s government will likely extend the deadline yet again until late August. While the extension could preclude the collapse of negotiations and a messier default, it will only serve to prolong Argentina’s growing financial predicament and further damage its international credibility.

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