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Extended Troika to discuss Afghan crisis in Islamabad


Extended Troika to discuss Afghan crisis in Islamabad

Photo: Kate Holt

Representatives of the US, China, Russia and Pakistan will meet in Islamabad today as part of the extended Troika for consultations on the crisis in Afghanistan.

The group previously met in Qatar in August to discuss political solutions to the conflict during the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. None of the members have yet to officially recognized the Taliban’s government, complicating the delivery of humanitarian aid and economic assistance to the poverty and hunger-stricken nation. Complicating matters further, the Taliban’s takeover has enabled a reemergence of Al-Qaeda and ISIS-K in Afghanistan, opening the country up to a plethora of new attacks and insurgent operations.

In the short-term, expect the Troika to call for new negotiations with the Taliban government to discuss how Afghanistan will brave the approaching winter months. With decreased daylight hours and colder temperatures, the nation’s current lack of food, water and energy will be drastically exacerbated, possibly sparking an even worse humanitarian catastrophe. Alternative channels for delivering aid may be explored in order to circumvent the Taliban, particularly on the American side. Expect other Troika partners, however, to be more willing to directly engage with the Taliban government.

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