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Final list of Peruvian presidential candidates to be released


Final list of Peruvian presidential candidates to be released

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The final list of presidential candidates for Peru’s April general elections will be released today.

Since 2016, longstanding tensions between Peru’s legislative and executive bodies have engendered an institutional crisis that has led to continued corruption, political turmoil and economic instability. This upheaval is most evident in the aftermath of the 2020 impeachment of former president Martin Vizcarra, during which Peru saw three individuals serve as president.

Unpopular political parties and a divided political landscape have yielded 22 candidates now competing for the presidency. One survey revealed that 32% of Peruvians are hesitant to support any candidate. Among those voting, current polls indicate that George Forsyth, a pro-business and anti-corruption candidate from Victoria National, has a support base in 10.1% of the electorate. He is followed by Keiko Fujimori of Fuerza Popular who claims 5.6%.

Polarisation will likely characterise April’s election. Expect candidates to promote proposals linked to the pandemic, economic reactivation, increased social protection and market regulation. To remain in the lead, expect Forsyth to use his popularity to sell himself as part of a new generation of politicians and to reinforce his proposal to include corruption as a crime against humanity in the constitution.

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