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First Saarbrucken Climate Dialogue to commence


First Saarbrucken Climate Dialogue to commence

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The first Saarbrucken Climate Dialogues (SCD) will begin today in the western German state of Saarland.

The SCD will consist of a series of discussions, panels, and lectures on climate change and environmental protection. The conference aims to bring various organizations including businesses, non-profits, and governmental entities into conversation with one another on the importance of climate protection, climate justice and how the two can be further achieved in Saarland.

The dialogues will be the latest in a number of similar events coordinated by the German Environment Agency in towns throughout Germany to discuss climate change adaptations on a local level. Items like these are important to consider given Germany’s increasingly leadership on climate issues. The UN COP 26 is continuing in Glasgow, where Germany hopes once again to persuade wealthy nations to provide $100 billion in climate finance to developing countries. If the coming government coalition consists of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP — as predictions indicate — it is likely to prioritize climate issues on a national scale. If projects like the SCD can coordinate with these national efforts, they may become a blueprint for the rest of Europe and the developed world.

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