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Former President Donald Trump to speak at “Save America” rally in Georgia


Former President Donald Trump to speak at “Save America” rally in Georgia

Former President Donald Trump to speak at Save America rally in Georgia
Photo: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Former US Donald Trump will today speak at the “Save America” rally in Georgia.

Today, Trump will attempt to garner support for Georgia’s secretary of state, lieutenant governor, and the US Senate seats that will be in contention in the 2022 Georgia State elections and the 2022 federal elections. Trump has endorsed US Representative Jody Hice, State Senator Burt Jones, and Herschel Walker for the three positions respectively.

During a series of “Save America” rallies, Trump will also be trying to drum up support for himself in Georgia and other electoral districts—the loss of Georgia in the 2020 presidential election was decisive in his loss of the White House.

Trump’s actions now will most likely influence next year’s midterm elections by reinvigorating support for the Republican party, which lost significant traction in 2020. With Joe Biden’s approval rating tanking due to COVID-19 and the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Republican party stands a chance at regaining control over the House of Representatives in 2022. If Republicans can take control of one or both chambers of Congress, they would likely be able to disrupt and stall Joe Biden from implementing meaningful policy for the rest of his term in office.

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