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Fourth annual Paris Peace Forum to begin


Fourth annual Paris Peace Forum to begin

Photo: Paris Peace Forum

The fourth edition of the annual Paris Peace Forum will begin today.

Founded in 2018, the non-profit organization aims to boost cordial diplomacy and prevent hostility in the global arena. Several high-ranked representatives—including US Vice President Kamala Harris—will attend the meeting. During the two-day gathering, foreign state delegates and heads of international organizations will attend various workshops and panels where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate concrete resolutions to maintain multilateral peace.

The main agenda of the event will likely focus on France’s exclusion from the submarine deal between the US, UK and Australia in late September which temporarily strained US-France relations. Therefore, with the hope of regaining France’s sympathy, the US is preparing to provide several concessions in terms of increasing security cooperation with the EU.

While the EU will continue to increase its defense spending, expect the US and France to further develop bilateral talks to instate the first steps of French President Emmanuel Macron’s long-term goal of constructing an EU army in line with NATO’s mission of sustaining global security. Although the forum will continue to promote peace, ultimately nations such as France are looking to further increase securitization amidst the current power struggle.

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