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French President Macron visits Morocco for launch of high-speed railway corridor


French President Macron visits Morocco for launch of high-speed railway corridor

Photo: CNN

French President Emmanuel Macron will visit Morocco today to attend the inauguration of the country’s new high-speed rail, which is partly funded by the French government, connecting Tangier to Casablanca.

Fewer than 100 years after their independence, countries like Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are still influenced by France. Paris has maintained a strong financial presence in Africa as the continent’s largest EU trading partner.

Recently, France has attempted to boost its investment presence. Last week, 150 French business professionals travelled to Laayoune for a forum, where several pledged further investments in Africa.

French interests include protecting their large companies, namely oil giant Total, which recently began an offshore drilling project in Angola worth $16 billion.

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Expect today’s high-speed rail completion to represent the utility of French investment and bolster a feeling of optimism in France-Africa relations. The relationship remains largely advantageous for both sides, with France making a profit and Africa continuing to develop its lagging infrastructure. North Africa especially, which suffers from high unemployment, welcomes any additional investment.

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