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G20 meeting on Afghanistan expected today


G20 meeting on Afghanistan expected today

G20 Afghanistan
Photo: AP

G20 member states will attend a session in New York today to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan.

G20 leaders are expected to present their suggestions regarding the treatment of the new Taliban government which took power in Afghanistan shortly after the withdrawal of US troops last month.

The Taliban-led Afghan government—which has not been recognized by any country— is looking to form relations with foreign countries to improve the nation’s dire economic situation, which was further deteriorated by fund-cuts implemented by the US, World Bank and the IMF.

It is highly unlikely that the G20 members will reach a collective agreement on Afghanistan in the short-term. Some member states, such as Russia and China, will likely favor a welcoming stance towards developing diplomatic relations. Moscow and Beijing are in a strategic position to fill the power vacuum left by the US. Comparatively, the G20’s NATO members and US allies will surely press for the US-led sanctions to remain intact as a sign of protest and disapproval. This endeavor by the West is also aimed at weakening the Taliban-led government economically to prevent it from becoming a greater threat to Western security during the long-term.

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