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German law enforcement conference to conclude


German law enforcement conference to conclude

German law enforcement conference to conclude Photo: Frank Boxler/NuernbergMesse

The Enforce Tac law enforcement, security and tactical conference will conclude today in Nuremberg.

An annual trade fair for security and law enforcement agencies, this year’s conference is the first since September 2020. Organized amid rising international security concerns following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the conference offers exhibitors an opportunity to present the latest military equipment, training techniques and operational clothing to security experts from across the globe.

The details of the conference are usually kept discreet, but officials from NATO member states, such as Bulgaria, are likely to be in attendance as nations look to bolster their defense capabilities. With many of the world’s most prominent weapons manufacturers in attendance, Belgium’s FN Herstal – a long-range firearm ballistic calculator – and Israel’s Smash Shooter –precision targeting for small firearms – have already garnered interest from numerous armed forces, including the Netherlands.

In the short- to medium-term, Dutch purchase orders, likely for Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems, are a sign of further member state commitment to NATO military spending requirements. In the long-term, new precision technologies will likely make their way into many countries dealing with militants or terror attacks, like India, increasing unit efficiency while limiting casualties.

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