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German political parties to negotiate coalition


German political parties to negotiate coalition

german coalition
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Today, representatives of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD), Free Democratic Party (FDP) and Alliance 90/the Greens are expected to present policy recommendations for a federal coalition agreement.

The alliance of these three parties would represent the first such tripartite coalition at the federal level since the 1950s. Talks have emphasized a narrative of modernization, with initiatives including investing around $57.9 billion a year to raise public investments surrounding climate and social services.

The coalition’s formation, which is necessary for the German parliament to fulfill its legislative role, suggests a likely shift toward progressive policy in Germany. The liberal shift in German policy comes as a result of the SPD’s performance in the September federal election.

Representatives for the coalition leaders will likely focus on increasing the minimum wage in their report today. The proposed 25% increase in wages marks a shift from previously neo-liberal policy in past decades.

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The three parties being aligned in their views is promising in the medium-term for avoiding stalemates over proposed initiatives. Expect some of these long-term initiatives to be fulfilled because of the attitude of alignment and collaboration that has been shown leading up to the formal coalition agreement.

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