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Germany loosens COVID restrictions amid inflation


Germany loosens COVID restrictions amid inflation

Germany loosens COVID restrictions amid inflation Photo: Alexey Novikov |

COVID-19 restrictions are set to expire today in Germany.

The expiration comes as Germany recorded its highest-ever COVID-19 caseload. In its place, Berlin wants to adopt a slimmed-down law that will significantly reduce restrictions around the country. Germans would still have to wear masks on public transport and in health care environments. In areas where there is significant transmission, state governments can decide if they want to implement some social distancing measures. The central government has argued that even though cases are rising, there is no longer a major risk of overloading the health system.

The latest surge is due to the Omicron subvariant BA.2., which is more transmissible than the original strain, BA.1. There is a significant amount of immunity among Germans: more than 75% of the population is fully vaccinated, and 58% have received their booster dose. Expect the German government to move forward with its easing of COVID-19 restrictions as Germany learns to live with the virus. The introduction of new restrictions, more serious restrictions could threaten the country’s already trebling economy. The EU’s largest economy has been hit with rising inflation and high energy prices amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; thus, business leaders are already fearing a recession.

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