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Germany to begin administering COVID-19 vaccine booster shots


Germany to begin administering COVID-19 vaccine booster shots

Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen/Reuters

Germany will begin administering the third COVID-19 vaccine dose to the elderly and at-risk populations today. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called on Germany to forbear the controversial decision until more countries —especially third-world—reach sufficient vaccination rates.  However, Berlin’s decision to pursue its long-planned third-dose booster shots came after the country saw a sudden rise in positive cases of the highly contagious Delta variant.

While the third dose is unlikely to become mandatory, expect Berlin to take sweeping measures in tightening restrictions during the short-term to curb the spread of the delta variant. This action will mostly impact the privileges of Germany’s unvaccinated citizens. In this context, apart from maintaining the enforcement of mask requirements, Berlin will likely make PCR tests compulsory for unvaccinated citizens especially prior to entering government buildings. In addition, despite public discontent, the German government will likely allow many private businesses to bar unvaccinated people from entering their premises. This in turn will likely prompt further uneasiness amongst Germany’s vaccine refusers which may potentially culminate into further nationwide protests during the medium- to long- term. While the demonstrations will target Berlin’s disputed rulings, Berlin will not capitulate to the demands of the protestors.

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