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Ghanaian Civil Servants to Strike


Ghanaian Civil Servants to Strike

Ghana Strike
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The Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana will stage a nationwide strike today over poor working conditions.

The union and the government have been locked in negotiations for the last three years over a constitutional provision that bars civil servants from participating in partisan politics, while also limiting their salaries. After a court ruling against their appeal and delays in negotiation with the federal government, the labor group has called on members to strike in an effort to spur government action.

As the University Teachers Association of Ghana has yet to call off its own strike, which began ten days ago despite instructions from the National Labour Commission to return to work, the local government labor union’s strike will likely hold for the next few weeks.

This trend is indicative of a policy shift from increasing employment in Ghana towards the quality of employment, especially since the 2015 National Employment Policy. This is also likely to extend to the private sector, specifically in the mining industry, a major contributor to Ghana’s economy. Expect further engagement of public and private civil unions in Ghana, specifically regarding personal work rights, including suitable pay and benefits.

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