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Global Technology Summit to Conclude


Global Technology Summit to Conclude

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Photo: The Economic Times

The sixth edition of Global Technology Summit (GTS) will conclude today in India.

The GTS is an annual conference which aims to address the challenges posed by our rapidly advancing world such as cyberattacks, misinformation operations and regulations.

During the two-day summit, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his British counterpart Boris Johnson discussed several ways to deepen the India-UK partnership in cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and the information technology infrastructure.

Expect India to take advantage of growth opportunities in the digital world within the framework of its Digital India campaign which was launched to improve the country’s technological infrastructure. In this context, the government aims to use tech to make public services—such as healthcare—readily accessible to all its citizens, expanding its overall potential for economic growth and bettering the livelihood of rural regions. To develop this technological foundation, New Delhi will continue to collaborate with London and other European countries on 5G technology and telecom.

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More broadly, this signals a medium-to long-term investment by British companies into Indian technology firms that specialize in manufacturing advanced financial technology and green technology.  In turn, several Indian firms like Infosys and TATA will expand their businesses in the UK.

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