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Honduras to hold general elections


Honduras to hold general elections

Photo: Luis Acosta/AFP

Hondurans will vote in a general election today.

Voters will elect a new president, members of the National Congress and 20 representatives to the Central American Parliament, as well as many local representatives.

Today’s vote is considered key to Honduras’ political future as it pits the right-wing National Party—which has held power since a 2009 coup and has been accused of corruption and “stealing” the 2017 elections—and its presidential candidate, Nasry Asfura, against former First Lady Xiomara Castro’s left-wing Libre Party. Confidence in the National Party is at an all-time low because of the 2017 controversy and accusations of drug trafficking against current President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Current polling indicates that Castro holds a 17% lead over Asfura and, as such, will likely win the popular vote. Yet, fears of violence and fraud remain. Violence was widespread in the leadup to the elections, and included the 2020 murderof indigenous candidate Felix Vasquez. If violence does occur or rumors of fraud are levied, expect quick international condemnation from the US. American interest in these elections is high, as the results will dictate the future of Honduran democracy and the Biden administration’s policy in the region.

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