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Ibero-American summit to be held


Ibero-American summit to be held

iber american summit
Photo: Oliver de Ros/ AP

The 27th Ibero-American Summit will take place today in Andorra.

Heads of state and foreign ministers from the 19 Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of Latin America will join leaders from Portugal, Spain and Andorra for discussions. Talks will center on economic development post-pandemic—particularly in countries like Argentina and Peru, where GDP fell by 11-12%— and solutions to emerging environmental issues.

The conference comes days after the 13th Ibero-American Business Meeting, a gathering under the summit’s framework that brings together key representatives from regional business organisations. Recommendations from these talks, such as calls for greater public-private collaboration to aid post-COVID economic recovery, will be collated and delivered to the summit and its representatives today.

Expect advanced discussions on the recent 2nd Report of Sustainable Development and Climate Change for Ibero-America. The report was presented on Tuesday before environmental ministers from Spain, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Andorra. Highlighting the importance of the transition to a green economy, Secretary General Rebeca Grynspan will likely advocate for the document’s recommendations in line with the summit’s mission of achieving sustainable development across the region. Brazil and Venezuela, nations with poor environmental records and resource-driven economies, are likely to lobby the idea.

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