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Iceland will hold parliamentary elections today


Iceland will hold parliamentary elections today

Iceland to hold parlimentary election
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Iceland will hold parliamentary elections today after early voting began on 13 August.

63 parliamentary seats are being contested based on Iceland’s proportional representation electoral system. Voters will vote for predetermined party lists rather than individual candidates—11 parties are on the ballot. The current three-part center coalition has been in power for four years, but the Left-Green party has lost popularity in the past year.

The key issues for voters are paying off increased government debts tied to a COVID-19 response, improving healthcare operations, and fighting global warming. The government’s COVID-19 response, which saw heavy lockdowns and increased spending, has become contentious among center-right voters who feel it is too strong. This also galvanized opinions on whether solely public or public and private organizations should offer healthcare.

Expect the Independence Party and Progressive Party, both center-right, to win the most seats, with the incumbent Left-Green Party losing seats.  A large political shift is unlikely. Instead, expect a four-party, center-leaning coalition government given the Independence and Progressive parties’ dominance. This would likely see reduced COVID-19 restrictions to boost economic activity. A center-right government would also most likely push for more private healthcare options to save on public health expenses.

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