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Imran Khan holds rally ahead of no-confidence vote


Imran Khan holds rally ahead of no-confidence vote

Imran Khan hold rally ahead of no-confidence vote
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan holds a rally ahead of a no-confidence vote – Photo: La Prensa Latina

Pakistan’s ruling party, Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will hold a rally in Islamabad today to protest an opposition no-confidence motion submitted against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Multiple parliamentary recesses and timetabling issues have delayed the vote, which is now due to take place tomorrow, March 28. Prime Minister Khan has been under growing pressure from opposition parties over high inflation, leading to increased costs of living. Additionally, opposition-organized protests have ramped up the pressure in recent months.

Today’s rally reflects heightened tension ahead of tomorrow’s vote—the outcome of which is uncertain. He leads a coalition government that originally commanded 176-seats in the 342-seat National Assembly in 2018. He needs 172-votes to survive the no-confidence vote, but the loyalty of at least 12 coalition members is unclear. A further three members have already announced their intention to vote against Khan. While heavy lobbying of lawmakers continues, Khan’s position appears increasingly vulnerable after a government spokesperson last Thursday openly acknowledged that an early election may be on the table.

Another delayed vote remains possible as the government scrambles for more time to solidify its numbers but if Khan is in danger of losing the vote, the likelihood of an early election this year increases.

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