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Independence Day celebrations expected in US


Independence Day celebrations expected in US

Masked people walk past US flags celebrating July 4
Photo: Julie Leopo

As the US records more than 50,000 new COVID-19 cases per day, the country will celebrate Independence Day today, with many large gatherings expected.

Due to the high rate of infection in the US, the EU has banned American travellers for the foreseeable future. In the labour market, the travel ban may lead to a halt in transatlantic recruiting as companies grapple with logistical concerns and changing work visa regulations. The tourism industry will also face devastating losses as Americans cancel existing bookings or defer new bookings ahead of the peak travel season in September.

The EU travel ban will be revised every two weeks, so there are still opportunities for restrictions to be loosened before labour and tourism industries suffer lasting consequences. However, given the US’ current COVID-19 trajectory, the EU is likely to continue to bar US travellers for at least the rest of the northern summer. President Donald Trump will likely retaliate with continued reciprocal travel bans and other actions that could further strain the transatlantic relationship.

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