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India and China to hold military talks


India and China to hold military talks

India China talks
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Indian and Chinese representatives will meet today for the 14th round of military talks.

The meeting’s main agenda is the resolution of a two-year-long standoff on the Sino-Indian border. Both New Delhi and Beijing have deployed troops to the eastern sector of the Line of Actual Control (LAC)— the demarcation line separating Indian and Chinese controlled areas— in the Ladakh region, stationed with heavy artillery. This has caused panic and distress to residents on both sides of the border.

The representatives will abstain from making the same demands from previous meetings, which have delayed the talks. Although the representatives will agree to reduce the number of troops in several checkpoints, including the one in Depsang Plains, during the meeting, a mutual sense of distrust will remain. However, though Beijing is likely more reluctant to withdraw significant numbers of troops, the two states will agree on continuing to hold de-escalation talks moving forward. While New Delhi and Beijing will eventually pursue further disengagement, it is highly likely that border skirmishes reemerge in the medium-term, as neither side is keen on abandoning its state policy. These skirmishes, however, will not trigger a war between the states during the long-term.

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