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Iran cost-of-living protests likely to resurface after Friday prayers


Iran cost-of-living protests likely to resurface after Friday prayers

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Photo: Mehr/A Vahabzadeh

Nationwide protests are set to continue in Iran today as citizens voice their displeasure at the sharp rise in fuel prices announced on November 15.

A rationing scheme and slashed subsidies saw petrol prices rise by over 50%. The move is aimed at raising government funds for cash handouts to the most financially vulnerable citizens. Many in Iran feel that, despite the need to assist the poorest members of society, the average income in the country is too low to absorb the hike.

Inflation, food shortages and a rising cost of living have already affected citizens amid US sanctions, which have inhibited Tehran from earning crucial oil revenues and fostering trade links with Europe and the rest of Asia. The IMF predicts the Iranian economy will shrink by 9.5% this year.

The continuing protests will be met with further violent measures by security forces, which will embolden protesters to continue to voice their displeasure with the current situation.

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Tehran will not give up any ground to protesters as it believes the petrol price hikes are in the public interest, while further demands to have top political officials step down will fall on deaf ears, with any elements deemed rogue by government swiftly rooted out.

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