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Israeli President Isaac Herzog addresses Bundestag


Israeli President Isaac Herzog addresses Bundestag

Isaac Herzog Bundestag
German President Isaac Herzog will address Germany’s Bundestag today – Photo: US News & World Report

Israeli President Isaac Herzog will deliver a speech to the German Bundestag today.

While the visit was scheduled well in advance, it comes amid controversy regarding Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas drawing comparisons between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Holocaust during his own visit to Germany—considered a major diplomatic faux pas in Germany and Israel.

There are some signs suggesting the historic friendship between the two nations is deteriorating—recent surveys have also shown that Israelis have a more positive view of Germany than Germans do of Israel and that the number of Germans viewing Israel positively has declined significantly. Additionally, scandals surrounding the sale of German military equipment remain part of corruption allegations against former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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Still, close economic and security ties alongside the special relationship between the two nations are unlikely to unravel. Herzog is likely to emphasise the two country’s existing ties. Germany is Israeli’s largest European trading partner and third largest overall trading partner. Additionally, Germany and Israel agreed to a $3.4 billion deal in January that would supply Israel with three German made submarines to be delivered in approximately nine years. Therefore, Israel and Germany are likely to maintain their close relationship

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