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Italy to reopen embassy in Kyiv


Italy to reopen embassy in Kyiv

The Italian Embassy in set to reopen in Kyiv.
Italy will reopen its embassy in Kyiv today – Photo: Alesya Tataryn

The Italian Embassy will move back to Kyiv today, after being transferred to Lviv when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio said that the transfer intended to demonstrate the need to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis. It comes after EU High Representative Joseph Borrell also said that the EU Delegation to Ukraine would return to Kyiv.

The move occurs alongside Ukraine’s increasing frustration at EU inaction with respect to importing Russian energy. Deputy Head of the Ukrainian President’s office Ihor Zhovka recently said that the Union’s sanctions were too-little-too-late and highlighted the need for a ban on Russian gas. 

It is probable that other countries will soon follow Italy and the EU’s suit in order to demonstrate the importance of maintaining diplomatic dialogue. As both Borrell and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have backed an oil ban, expect such a proposal from the Commission in the coming weeks. However, as several Member States including Germany are highly dependent on Russian gas and therefore oppose a gas ban, it is unlikely that the EU will put forward a proposition on this in the short to medium term.

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