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Japan, UK to begin development of new fighter jet engine


Japan, UK to begin development of new fighter jet engine

UK, Japan cooperate on new jet development
Japan, UK develop jet – Photo: Getty Images

The UK and Japan will kickstart efforts to develop a new generation fighter jet engine demonstrator today.

Both nations have agreed on future modernization in British and Japanese air defense systems—as the UK extends its security measures in the Indo-Pacific and bolsters its alliance with Japan amid tensions with China surrounding territorial claims in the East and South China Sea.

The UK’s Rolls-Royce and Japan’s largest aircraft manufacturer IHI Corporation will officially begin proceedings early next year, with the UK investing a total of USD 307 million in the project and USD 2.7 billion in air defense over the next three years.

The UK has aided Japan’s Joint New Air-to-Air Missile program for several years, while current development plans will see Japan replace 90 F-2 fighter jets with sixth-generation F-X aircraft from 2035.

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In the short-to-medium-term expect increased military cooperation between Japan, the UK, and their allies in the Indo-Pacific. This will include increased naval exercises with British warships while the UK secures ports for increased trade in the region. Britain has traditionally relied on Japan as a source of defense in East Asia and today’s development will see both nations enhance current technical capabilities in both air and naval combat systems.

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