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Japanese, American Ministers to Hold Two Plus Two Talks


Japanese, American Ministers to Hold Two Plus Two Talks

Two Plus Two
This round of Two Plus Two talks will include the Japanese foreign and defense ministers | Photo: Reuters

The foreign and defense ministers of Japan and the United States will meet today in Washington DC.

Called a “two plus two” meeting, the discussion will revolve around regional security challenges and Indo-Pacific cooperation. With President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida set to meet at the White House on January 13th, today’s forum highlights the Biden Administration’s continued effort to reaffirm its regional alliances in the Pacific.

Japan’s new national security strategy leaves behind the island nation’s commitment to self-defense in favor of expanding its offensive capabilities. Diplomatically, Japan has joined the UN Security Council and will host the 2023 G7 Summit. Militarily, Japan passed its largest military budget increase since World War II, which includes funds for US-made Tomahawk missiles that can reach the Chinese mainland.

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The talks will place uniting US and Japanese tactical, strategic, and operational capabilities at the forefront of Japan’s national security development. This week, look for the US to support Japan’s security posturing, and joint condemnations on Russia’s war in Ukraine and North Korea’s missile launches. However, an immediate agreement on Tomahawk missiles and overt criticism of China are unlikely, as the US will want to avoid upsetting its other Pacific Island partners.

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