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Kenyan President Ruto visits US


Kenyan President Ruto visits US

Kenyan President William Ruto will visit Washington DC today.

President Ruto will meet with US President Joe Biden as part of the first state visit by an African leader during the Biden administration. The visit coincides with the 60th anniversary of US-Kenyan relations and is the leaders’ first meeting since the 2022 US-Africa summit.

Both nations share common cause on a range of issues from promoting African democracy, especially in the Saheli coup-belt, to fighting terrorism in Somalia. Recently, the US has sought to build on diplomatic and economic ties across the continent amid Russia’s larger regional footprint. Kenya seeks more green energy independence and support in the EV space, as it produces 90% of its energy through renewable resources.

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Expect this visit to produce stronger diplomatic engagement with Kenya, including perhaps an expansion of US troops’ presence in Kenya following their withdrawal from the Sahel. Furthermore, the climate crisis’ affects on East Africa will prompt Kenya to seek further US engagement in the renewable energy and transport spaces. Ruto will be looking for key green energy deals with the Biden administration, and Biden will be looking to shore up America’s diplomatic footprint in Africa, with Kenya leading the way.

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