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Libyan House of Representatives to select new Prime Minister


Libyan House of Representatives to select new Prime Minister

The Libyan legislature will select a new Prime Minister today – Photo: AFP

Libya’s House of Representatives is set to select a replacement for Interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

The Libyan House of Representatives—Libya’s legislature—began accepting applications to the post of prime minister earlier this week. Individuals such as former Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha, Former Presidential Council Vice Chairman Ahmed Maiteeq, diplomat Aref Ali Nayed, and businessman Mohamed Al-Munstasir have expressed an interest in running for the post.

The need for a replacement follows a successful vote of no-confidence passed by the legislature in September 2021. Plans for a presidential election, originally scheduled for 24 December, collapsed amid heated disputes over electoral laws and the eligibility of several potential candidates. Today’s vote will elect another interim Prime Minister until presidential elections are held.

Continued divisions between the eastern and western faction of the country is likely to lead to the strong possibility that either side will reject Dbeibah’s replacement. In addition, Dbeibah has stated that he will remain in office until real elections are held, further raising the stakes that he will challenge his successor’s appointment in a bid to remain in office. Any outcome today will likely result in political infighting, increasing instability in the fragile state.

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