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Libya’s constitutional disagreements continue


Libya’s constitutional disagreements continue

Libya's constitutional disagreements continue
Rival Libyan governments will conclude talks on Libya’s constitutional disagreements in Cairo – Photo: Daily Sabah

Talks on Libyan constitutional disagreements are expected to conclude in Cairo today.

Libya has undertaken the task of reviewing and amending its draft constitution following last year’s election delay. Political fractures and disputes between the supporters of the new Fathi Bashagha-led government and the House of Representatives, and supporters of Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dabaiba have made Libya’s transition process difficult.

The draft constitution was completed in 2017 but was never put to referendum nor approved. Bashagha is slated to replace Dabaiba as Prime Minister; however, Dabaiba has refused to step down until the constitution is adopted. Many accuse Dabaiba of using the adoption of the constitution as a stalling tactic to remain in office.

In the short term there is no clear solution to the current situation. Dabaiba will continue to advocate for the adoption of the constitution which will delay elections for at least another year and a half. The talks slated for today may end inconclusively as decision-makers grapple with reaching consensus on controversial points in the draft constitution. Without agreement on a way forward, Libya’s transition period can come to a standstill as the two rival political parties remain divided.

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