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Monsoon Session of India’s parliament to open


Monsoon Session of India’s parliament to open

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India’s Monsoon session of Parliament commences today and will continue until August 19 for an estimated 19 sittings.

Strategic attempts at unity between the government and opposition parties will aim for consensus on key issues, including the pandemic and increases in the domestic price of goods.

In the midst of India’s battle against COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed members of his Council of Ministers to be equipped to rebut incorrect assertions from the opposition regarding pandemic management.

Throughout the duration of the parliamentary session, expect the introduction of 17 new bills, including amendments to the Essential Defence Service Bill. If passed, the bill would allow the government to prohibit strikes in units engaged in essential defence services.

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In the medium- to long-term term, expect significant opposition to this bill from opposition parties, as the amended statute would empower authorities to arrest suspected subversive persons without a warrant. Critics have rightly labelled the bill as a draconian response to defense federation calls for an indefinite strike against the dissolution of the Ordinance Factory Board.

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