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Morocco to hold general elections


Morocco to hold general elections

Morocco elections
Photo: Mosa’ab Elshamy/AP

Morocco will hold municipal, regional and legislative elections today.

Three parties have dominated the political scene in the lead up to the election – the Justice and Development Party (JDP), the Authenticity and Modernity Party and the National Rally of Independents. The JDP has maintained a majority in the House of Representatives since 2011.

Today’s election has faced a public lack of confidence in the efficacy of candidates and parties themselves. A survey from February 2021 by the Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis indicated about 64% of people surveyed planned to abstain from voting. Because of King Mohammed VI’s authority in the government, voters feel elected officials lack say in decision-making. Following constitutional reform in 2011, concern remains among voters as to whether elections can bring change. The government hopes holding elections conjointly will boost turnout.

Along with a lack of voter confidence, the absence of polls makes election outcomes unclear. In 2016, public polling was banned by the interior ministry to limit JDP influence. However, considering previous legislative victories, it is expected that the JDP will retain significant influence after election results are tallied. If the JDP keeps its majority, expect no major reforms to legislation.

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