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Nigerian federal court to try Yoruba Nation protesters


Nigerian federal court to try Yoruba Nation protesters

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The 12 Yoruba nation protestors will appear in the Federal High Court of Abuja today. 

The Nigerian police apprehended the 12 activists earlier this month for their alleged involvement in the violent protests of the separatist Yoruba Nation group. Today, the arrestees will be brought before the judge as the court will likely rule against their favor. The developments have agitated various circles advocating for an independent Yoruba state in southern Nigeria while raising awareness to the increasing anti-Yoruba—the second largest ethnic group in Nigeria— sentiment in the nation.

Abuja will increase its crackdown against Yoruba Nation members during the short term by arresting additional medium and high profile members to damage the group’s ascendency especially in the city of Lagos. Expect Abuja to negotiate with Benin for the extradition of the detained Sunday Igboho— a leading figure of the movement— as his incarceration will further weaken the influence of the organization. In the long-term it is quite unlikely that an independent Yoruba nation will transpire as Abuja will cite the group’s ethnic violence—mostly towards the Fulani people— to raise the United Nations’ condemnation. In turn, the United Nations will likely back Abuja while monitor to ensure the prevention of human rights violations.

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