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North Korea to commemorate establishment of national communist party


North Korea to commemorate establishment of national communist party

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Photo: Harvard International Review

Today North Korea celebrates the 76th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of North Korea.

Despite normally unveiling new weapons technology at military parades during larger anniversaries, Kim Jong Un elected against any new displays of military might during September 9th’s 73rd anniversary of the founding of the nation. Analysts speculate that during today’s parade Kim might choose to display new ballistic missile technology, although the exact technology is unknown.

Regional developments are pushing Kim to restart his nuclear weapons program. South Korea’s recent successful test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile, representing the first nonnuclear country with this capability, has escalated tensions between the Koreas. Likewise, stalled nuclear talks with Washington may lead Kim to force Biden back to the table by advancing his nuclear program. In late August Kim restarted the program at his Yongbyon nuclear testing center.

Kim may play today in one of two ways. He may either capitalize on Washington’s current distraction with Taiwan to demonstrate a new military technology, or he may bide his time, waiting for a less regionally tense time to display North Korea’s capabilities. Either way, today’s military parade will provide a glimpse into Kim’s calculus in regional geopolitics.

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