Norway’s Labor Party Expected to Form Coalition Government

Norway Labor
Photo: NTB/AFP

Norway’s Labor Party is expected to establish a minority coalition government, finally bypassing a political deadlock caused by disagreements over oil exploration.

On September 13, Norway held national elections which saw the Labor Party coming in first, granting them the first right to try to form a government. A month later, the Labor Party has found their coalition partner in the Euro-skeptic Center Party.

The two leading parties in Norway—the Labor and Conservative parties—both push for policies supportive of the oil industry. However, this time oil was a sticking point because Labor sought to create a coalition which included the Socialist Left Party—but they withdrew because they refused to support the oil industry.

Norway is a major proponent of fighting climate change, particularly through the Paris Agreement. However, Norway’s exportation of oil makes it a significant contributor to global emissions. In last month’s election, the Green Party campaigned on cutting oil exportation and fared poorly. Without a party like the Greens or the Socialists gaining more power, Norway is unlikely to change its policies on oil exportation.

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