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Opposition groups in Tunisia to protest


Opposition groups in Tunisia to protest


Several opposition groups in Tunisia have called for protests today in response to the country’s rising economic and political unrest.

The union-led political opposition has spent the past year repeatedly calling for strikes and demonstrations against the government. However, today’s protests carry particular sociopolitical significance as it marks the end of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution over a decade ago.

Expect unions and opposition groups to continue hounding President Kais Saed, criticizing diminished living standards and a deadlocked political system. More labor-centered demonstrations are likely in the short-term, with the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) planning a two-day strike across all transportation sectors starting on January 25.

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While these efforts will undoubtedly put pressure on President Saed’s regime, they will also inevitably choke the country’s fragile economy. Unfortunately for the Tunisian people, the two sides are unlikely to reach an agreement with unions claiming their relationship with Saed is at an all-time low after failed negotiations at the end of 2022. Saed will continue efforts to boost the economy by securing a $1.9 billion loan from the IMF. However, the IMF has repeatedly delayed the loan agreement, paradoxically due to Tunisia’s poor economic standing.

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