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Opposition protestors hit Russian streets for fourth weekend in a row


Opposition protestors hit Russian streets for fourth weekend in a row

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Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP

Opposition protest will be held in Moscow today, one week after 1,000 demonstrators were detained by authorities for causing mass unrest. Gatherings will also be held in various cities across Russia to express solidarity.

Protests, which were sparked when authorities banned opposition candidates from competing in Moscow local elections on September 8th, have grown over the past month.

Last week’s demonstrations were labelled as illegal by authorities, who claimed that protests caused mass unrest and were a punishable offence. Videos showed police using batons and force against protestors and making arrests. This weekend’s protests, however, have gained approval from authorities as long as they are not around Moscow’s city centre.

President Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings have dropped significantly since January. While the opposition protests have contributed to this, Russians have also expressed discontent with dropping real incomes, gradual economic decline, environmental issues and pension cutbacks.

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The protests, which started as social irritation by the anti-Kremlin opposition for not allowing their candidate to participate in the election next month, have wider underlying grievances which will continue to affect Putin’s approval rating and satisfaction by Russians.

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