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Poland and Hungary find common ground in anti-EU stance


Poland and Hungary find common ground in anti-EU stance

Photo: Lukasz Cynalewski/Agencja Gazeta

Polish President Andrzej Duda will wrap up his visit to Hungary today. Yesterday, he met with his counterpart, President Janos Ader, to celebrate the annual Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day.

The two countries have long enjoyed a close relationship rooted in their common histories and cultures. Recently, ties have been further strengthened by their shared disagreements with the EU. These primarily stem from a wave of populism in Central Europe that has shifted political power into the hands of far-right parties.

Poland’s judicial reforms have been an acute point of tension between Warsaw and Brussels; however, with Budapest’s support, Duda has successfully resisted the EU’s demands. Other acts of defiance include the countries’ refusal to meet immigrant quotas, a stance supported by countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With Hungary’s election fast approaching, its current Prime Minister Viktor Orban will likely continue to blame the West to appease his constituents, thereby escalating tensions. A stronger alliance between Poland and Hungary may also attract their right-leaning neighbours, like Austria, thereby amplifying major roadblocks in Brussel’s migrant policy.

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