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Poland’s upper house likely to allow postal vote for president


Poland’s upper house likely to allow postal vote for president

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Photo: Lawomir Kaminski/Agencja Gazeta via Reuters

The Polish Senate will vote today on a law to allow the country’s upcoming presidential election to be held through postal voting.

In April, the ruling Law and Justice Party pushed for legislation to force the election on the scheduled date of May 10, despite numerous logistical issues involved with distributing 30 million ballots by mail on such short notice.

With a slight majority in the upper house, it is more than likely that the Law and Justice party will pass the legislation, with a high chance of re-electing incumbent Andrzej Duda, a strong party ally. Although only 29% of voters say they would vote in a postal election, Duda already enjoys 65% of support in opinion polls, and most citizens who refuse to vote support opposition candidates.

The European Union Values and Transparency Commission has repeatedly expressed concern over the lack of a free and fair election. If the postal vote proceeds, Poland would risk censure from the EU, including possible suspension of membership rights and funds. The bloc has already cracked down on administrative abuses by Polish right-wing ally Hungary during the lockdown. Moreover, Duda’s re-election would cement his party’s controversial judiciary reform laws, which have also drawn EU condemnation.

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