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Pro-government and opposition protests to be held in Mexico City


Pro-government and opposition protests to be held in Mexico City

Photo: Pedro Pardro/AFP

Pro- and anti-government protesters are expected to hold rival demonstrations in Mexico City today.

Supporters of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) will convene at the Palacio de Bellas before marching to the Zocalo—Mexico City’s main square—where anti-AMLO protesters are set to hold a sit-in. Expect this encounter to result in minor scuffles, though increased police presence should prevent any widespread violence.

These demonstrations follow a protest by Mexican teachers in the state of Chiapas last month where President Lopez Obrador was blocked from entering a speaking venue and forced to deliver an address via telephone from his car. Combined with the anti-government protests expected today, the Chiapas demonstrations may signal a shift in popular opinion surrounding Lopez Obrador and his center-left Morena party.

Lopez Obrador still enjoys a 61% approval rating, though this has been steadily decreasing since its peak in 2019 of 81%. Further, waning support among teachers—a group traditionally highly supportive of Morena’s left-wing policies—combined with a disappointing performance in June’s legislative election likely signals faltering popular support for Morena and Lopez Obrador. This will increase the likelihood of opposition gains in the 2024 election and a shift away from Morena’s left-wing objectives.

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