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Protests to take place throughout Bolivia


Protests to take place throughout Bolivia

Photo: Reuters

Both pro- and anti-government protests will be held today, coinciding with celebrations of Bolivia’s Democracy Day.

Demonstrations are set to be held across the country, though the largest anti-government events are scheduled to take place in central La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. Expect these protests to largely focus on securing the release of ex-President Jeanine Anez. Anez was arrested early this year on a string of charges stemming from her takeover of the Bolivian government in 2019 after former President Evo Morales’ escape from the country following mass protests. Anez’s supporters have long contended that the charges levied against her are fraudulent and politically motivated. Opposition leaders have called for major protests on October 12, for which today’s demonstrations will likely lay the groundwork.

At today’s protests, expect anti-government protestors to erect roadblocks on major roads throughout the country. Bolivia’s mountainous terrain means that few roads exist between the country’s major cities, making roadblocks a particularly effective tool for drawing government attention and placing economic pressure on President Luis Arce. If such roadblocks are created, expect travel and shipping around the country to slow significantly, likely prompting an economic downturn and a quick response from the government.

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