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Putin and Lukashenko to attend Supreme State Council meeting


Putin and Lukashenko to attend Supreme State Council meeting

Putin Lukashenko
Photo: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko will attend a virtual Supreme State Council meeting of the Russia-Belarus Union State today. Topics to be discussed between the neighboring states include migration policy, trade, security and the awarding of Union State prizes in the fields of science and technology.

Belarus and Russia have both been subject to sanctions by the EU and US for human rights violations, with Belarus facing particular scrutiny as a result of its highly controversial 2020 presidential elections. As a result, Belarus has become more dependent on its relationship with Russia for economic and political support, while Russia similarly pursues further integration with the isolated state.

The original aims of the Union State were to unite Russia and Belarus in a confederate union, and while the two countries maintain their independence, expect Belarus to continue to pursue integration with Russia within the Union State framework. Given the negative effects that COVID-19 is having on the economies of both countries on top of sanctions, securing supply chains and continued economic integration will be a top priority, like through the unification of tax systems.

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