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Republic of Congo president to announce election date


Republic of Congo president to announce election date

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President Denis Sassou Nguesso of the Republic of Congo is set to announce the date for next year’s general elections, likely to be scheduled around March.

The announcement will also coincide with his announcement seeking re-election after the 17 parties that make up his presidential majority nominated him for the post. Nguesso has led the Republic of Congo for close to 35 years since first being elected president in 1979. A new constitution, approved by referendum in 2016, gave him the chance to run next year and for a final time in 2026.

The opposition has said that conditions are not right for a vote next year and has proposed a transitional government until elections, without Nguesso, can be held in 2023. Nevertheless, expect the elections to go through and Nguesso to emerge victorious given the amount of entrenched power he holds in the country.

The opposition is weakened and fractured, making it highly likely that Nguesso holds onto power. Economic recovery is likely to be at the top of the agenda for the winner of next year’s elections given that the economy is set to contract 8.6% this year while experiencing just 0.5% growth next year.

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