Ripples Nigeria Dialogue to take place

Ripples nigeria dialogue
Photo: Najeem Raheem

The Nigerian online newspaper Ripples Nigeria’s annual debate forum, Ripples Nigeria Dialogue, will convene today in the city of Lagos.

The violent clashes between Abuja’s security forces and the pro-independence movements —mainly in southern Nigeria—has increased lately. The Nigerian police, however, have been condemned by the international community for using disproportionate force on separatist members. In today’s platform, numerous speakers from different administrative regions will present concrete resolutions to address the rise of separatist movements, which result in religious and ethnic tensions that threaten Nigeria’s socio-political stability.

While the speakers are likely to agree on stressing the need to combat the military wing of separatist organizations such as the Eastern Security Network (ESN), the platform will be ineffective in halting the activities of the independence movements, especially in Southern Nigeria.

Expect Abuja to increase its violent crackdown against separatist groups during the short-term. Although a partition seems highly unlikely, the inter-ethnic tensions and independence movements in Nigeria will not erode during the medium- to long-term. Abuja’s heavy repression will result in further anger amongst locals. Seizing the opportunity, the groups will attempt to garner further local support for their causes at the expense of the central government.

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