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Russian and Chinese government officials to conclude meeting


Russian and Chinese government officials to conclude meeting

Chad Crowe
Image: Chad Crowe

Russian and Chinese government officials will conclude a weekend meeting today.

The meeting, held in St. Petersburg, is part of Russian efforts to hammer out the details of a large Eurasian free-trade partnership that would include Eurasian Economic Union Members, India, China and Pakistan.

Russia and China have become increasingly cooperative as the US has strengthened trade barriers against the two nations. The two have collaborated in a series of joint-naval exercises throughout October in the Pacific, strengthened economic ties and expanded humanitarian support exchange.

The conference is another step towards the Sino-Russian goal of a collaborative Central Asia as a united front to US influence. Economic growth and frustration with the West in the region act as key incentives for nations to participate in this process. The partnership, which Russia expects to take hold within two years, would push back against US soft power in the region and establish a larger, stronger base of power for Eastern superpowers such as Russia and China.

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Photo: The Astana Times

Amidst the continued collaboration, expect the US to try and bolster its relationship with India. Despite disagreements, India is incentivized to collaborate with the US to counter Chinese aggression and expansion into the Kashmir region.

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