Saudi-led coalition begins assault on Yemeni port of Hodeidah

houdeida assault
Photo: AP/Nariman EI-Mofly
houdeida assault
Photo: AP/Nariman EI-Mofly

Today’s attack on the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, orchestrated by the Saudi-led alliance, targets the lifeline of the Houthi rebels. More than 60% of Yemen’s food and supplies are imported via the city.

The protracted Yemeni conflict has been at a stalemate since Saudi intervention, on behalf of the exiled government, began in 2015. The UN deemed the war-ravaged nation the world’s largest humanitarian crisis earlier this year.

Today’s assault could add up to 250,000 to the death toll, far more than the conflict’s current death toll of approximately 10,000. Millions more could be left without food or medical attention, joining the 22 million Yemenis already in need of humanitarian aid.

Yemen could be driven to the breaking point by the Saudi-led attack, since food and aid are already in such short supply. If the Houthis lose control of Hodeidah, Sana’a may also fall soon. Completely resolving the conflict remains difficult, though, given Yemen’s treacherous rural regions and tribal structure. Today’s assault could ultimately wrest governing power from the Houthis, but it will exacerbate the humanitarian crisis, and violence will likely continue.

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