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Somalia to Swear in New Legislators


Somalia to Swear in New Legislators

Somalia to Swear in New Legislators
Photo: Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP

Somalia’s parliament will swear in an estimated 200 newly elected legislators today in Mogadishu.

The parliamentary electoral process has dragged on for months following February elections, largely due to the political gridlock caused by tensions between President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed—also known as Farmaajo—and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

Although 91% of parliamentary seats have been filled, minister selections continue to stall in the Jubaland and Hirshabelle states. Jubaland leadership has called for international election observers to ensure that the delayed elections remain free and fair, accusing President Farmaajo’s administration of interference. Due to these tensions and potential setbacks, expect completion of the parliamentary elections, and subsequent progression to presidential elections which have already been repeatedly postponed, to be delayed.

Additional delays in the Somali elections are likely in the medium-to long-term, unless the government reforms its national electoral process from the current system of indirect, multistage elections to a direct election of both legislative and executive powers. Moreover, instability fueled by the electoral crisis could contribute to heightened election violence and jihadist attacks in the country.

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